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I’ve had two large bags of undyed corriedale cross and blue faced leicester top sitting in my craft room for the last year. Although I like natural colors, it just wasn’t very inspiring. So, I decided it was time for some dyeing!

In my introduction to spinning class, we dyed wool with Easter egg dye. After that Easter, I picked up boxes of dye for 10 cents, figuring I would soon be using my newfound knowledge. Of course, that was at least three years ago.

So now, when I wanted to do some dyeing, I had no idea where my instructions were at!

Thanks to the internet, I was able to patch together some different ideas for my process:

1. Soak wool in water with white vinegar (1 cup to a gallon? My mixture was probably more diluted.)

2. Mix egg dye according to package. I had an off-brand which required the red not be used with vinegar.

3. Soak wool in egg dye, length of time determined by depth of color desired.

4. Gently squeeze excess water out of wool. Wrap in plastic wrap. Microwave until hot. Let cool.

5. Rinse. Gently press out water. Lay or hang to dry.

Well, my colors didn’t come out as beautifully as I remember them in our class. Some instructions on dyeing suggest that all the color will be absorbed and only water will remain. I found that I was squeezing out some of the dye before microwaving it. My colors were just not as bright as I had hoped. Maybe I’ll stick to Paas coloring in the future.

At any rate, I think my wool is a bit more interesting now. The yellow/green turned out too yellow, so I overdyed it with green. I’ve started spinning the spring green, but I like the blue/pink cotton candy mixture best!